My philosophy

It is not about restriction - it is about balance.
I am a huge fan of flexible dieting as it gives You a chance to eat what Your body desires at certain times. Healthy diet does not need to be a boring diet.
Break the monotony!
Explore the journey of different tastes, natural flavours and amazing textures the real food may provide You. Learn how Your body feels like, do not eat while You stressed, bored or angry.
I do not like to focus on what You should avoid instead of that I put all my heart and energy to show people what they can enjoy.
The unique moment filled with a smell of jasmine green tea...
The juicy orange with its balanced sweetness...
The aromatic basil leaves on Your tomato wholemeal pasta...
Find a pleasure with eating. Make it Your medicine and savoury time.

Focus Your energy on building something new, instead of fighting with the old.


Do You eat with Your brain or with Your stomach?
Do You know this feeling like You really want to eat this chocolate cake, You cannot think about anything else but just to eat it and after eating it all You do not feel any good?
What triggers You to eat it then?
Sugar is addictive. It is a drug for our brain. Even though we need it, nowadays products are way to high in it comparing to the body's ability to deal with it. Sometimes we develop diabetes other times addiction.
I really like to look at nutrition psychology. We were awarded with food, we used to share food in good times like Christmas, Birthdays, maybe Your lovely grandma was always cooking something for You just to show how much she loves You. We all have different connection with food.
The good news?
You can re-connect with Your body.
And by re-connecting I mean bringing it back to its healthy state. Your body cells have got their own intelligence, intuition. Body is always fighting for Your favour. It is how You help to deal with it and how good are You in interpreting signals it sends to You...before its too late.

Have You ever thought how privileged You are that You can move Your body?
The whole universe is in movement, the planet is moving, your blood is moving inside Your veins, Your tiny muscles are moving as You reading this.
It is natural to move but we do not take advantage of it anymore.
We have cars, tubes, elevators.
At the same time we have obesity, heart diseases and other medical problems.
Make the best of your body!
We have different abilities, genetics, preferences but we all can make a great deal of them.

You can start with a small step, You don't need a thunder to change Your life all You need is energy and willingness to use it.